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The Problem

Many organisations focus their attention on perimeter security, however with the potential for targeted phishing attackers, insider threats, and a remote workforce - the idea of relying on a strong perimeter is outdated. Organisations need to make sure that their assets are protected from attack from all angles, including when staff are working remotely, or from home.

Asset Hardening

There is more to cyber defence than strong perimeters. We track your assets to ensure they are hardened against attacks.

Our Solution

Our asset monitoring system continuously monitors your systems to ensure they are hardened against attack, that updates are installed and that they are supported by the vendor. The system offers actionable guidance to mitigate the risk of known vulnerabilities and to prevent exploitation.

All your organisation's assets are tracked within our dashboard allowing you to monitor their status and remediation over time. Whether you're looking to track and harden assets for best practice, or compliance reasons, our system can monitor your systems against the security requirements of your choice.

Each asset has a health bar that shows you how close it is to your compliance goal.


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Service Summary: Asset Monitoring and Hardening One-Pager

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